Coaching cricket is about sharing knowledge and experience, making sport fun, and helping players to reach their potential. Cricket is in need of enthusiastic coaches who are prepared to stay in the game and progress to the higher levels as the players do. The challenge of teaching players individual skills and team strategies, fundamental values and enjoyment of the game are tasks crucial to the continued growth and development of cricket in New Zealand.

Schools and clubs should encourage teachers, parents and volunteer supporters to become involved in coaching. To do this they need to recognise and support the efforts of their coaches and give them every opportunity to attend appropriate coach education courses. This will ensure that they are qualified to confidently and effectively deliver a high quality coaching programme to all players.   Whether coaches are volunteers or professional, novice or elite, New Zealand Cricket acknowledges the critical role coaches play at all levels. To assist coaches progress, a coach development pathway has been designed for beginner through to the experienced coach. It is supported by a comprehensive coach education and accreditation programme which offers coaches a progression of training opportunities and resources to improve their practical skills and knowledge, increase their confidence and enhance their status as coaches.

Membership of the New Zealand Cricket Coaches Association provides a vehicle for coaches to keep in touch, share ideas, stay informed and keep up to date. All cricket coaches are eligible to join the association. Subscription is $30 per year and entitles members to regular newsletters, attendance at conferences, and a free ticket upon application to New Zealand Cricket to either an ODI or a select day of a test match.

Coach Pathway Steps

The development pathway for coaches has SIX steps. Corresponding with each step is an appropriate New Zealand Cricket coach education course. All the courses at Level 2 and below are provided by the major cricket associations, while the Level 3 course is delivered by New Zealand Cricket. Accreditation at Level 1 and above involves both written and practical assessment tasks, and a prescribed component of coaching experience.

Beginner Coach Cricket Coaching Course

2 Hours – Non-examinable

This course is for the beginner coach. A parent, teacher or volunteer involved in conducting a MILO Have-A-Go Cricket programme in a school, club or community. It deals with organising and running a series of activity sessions including skills drills and games for 5-8 year olds.

Kiwi Cricket Coaching Course

2 Hours – Non-examinable

This course is intended for the parent, teacher or volunteer involved in organising and coaching 7-10 year old primary school students playing MILO Kiwi Cricket for their school or a club. It concentrates on how to run a game of MILO Kiwi Cricket including requirements, rules, umpiring and scoring, and on reinforcing skill development.

Getting Started in Coaching a Cricket Team Coaching Course

4 – 6 Hours – Non-examinable

This course is designed for the coach, parent, teacher or volunteer involved with organising and coaching 10-18 year old primary, intermediate or secondary students playing junior or youth cricket for their school or a club. It is concerned mainly with how and what to coach a team playing the conventional 11-a-side game.

New Zealand Cricket Level One Coaching Course

12 – 16 Hours – Examinable

This course combines practical sessions and personal study and is intended for those coaches of 11-a-side teams who have some knowledge and/or playing experience of cricket. It should be the minimum qualification for a junior age group or secondary school 1st XI coach. It focuses on planning, the coaching of skills through the principles of biomechanics, and demonstrating an understanding of effective team coaching and the game.

New Zealand Cricket Level Two Coaching Course

25 – 30 Hours – Examinable

This course is intended for serious coaches of 11-a-side teams who have an active coaching record and a commitment to coaching. It should be the minimum qualification for youth age group, club or district coach. It concentrates on detailed planning and evaluation, understanding and using the principles of biomechanics to coach, analyse and improve skills, and demonstrating an understanding of the coaching process and effective team coaching, including game tactics.

New Zealand Cricket Level Three Coaching Course

80 – 100 Hours – Examinable

This course is by invitation and is intended for elite coaches who have a considerable period of successful coaching experience and a commitment to coaching at a high level. Prior to undertaking the level three modules coaches must complete an entry prerequisite course.

Note that NZ Cricket Level One, Two and Three coaching qualifications require completion of a minimum number of hours of active coaching. Level Two and Three coach qualifications are subject to regular updating. Updating activities include a practical coaching component, attendance and/or presentation at an appropriate level coaching or refresher course, membership of the NZ Cricket Coaches Association and regular attendance at their seminars and conferences.

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